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Ahmedabad Cantonment is situated between Ahmedabad City and Gandhinagar in the capital of Gujarat State. It serves as a military base and residential establishment. The site of Cantonment was chosen by Sir J.Malcolm in year 1830. It may be remarked that the limits of the Ahmedabad Cantonment were practically first settled in 1833 and hence was established in year 1833. The Cantonment maintains its own infrastructure of water supply, roads, building and sewerage system in Cantonment area. As per figure of 2011 census the population of Ahmedabad Cantonment is 14345 and its overall literacy rate is 81%. This is a class II category Cantonment Board. Cantonment has historical buildings such as Camp Hanuman Temple, St. George’s Church, Ahmedabad Gymkhana. Sabarmati River passes alongside boundary of Cantonment. Fort area in Cantonment is witness to brutality of British regime and inspires Indians about long freedom struggle. Today Ahmedabad Domestic Airport is part of Cantonment. Cantonment still remains green part in concrete city.